Central 1

Outlook over the city centre and Danube

A flexible building with a massive and wide-rounded façade, which offers more than 7,200 square metres of offices on five grounds with outlook over the historical centre of Bratislava and Danube. The location of the Central 1 building and its arc-shaped façade offer an exceptional possibility of self-presentation to each business sector.

Central 2

Panorama view over Bratislava

The Central 2 building is visually most distinct of the whole Eurovea project. It allows the tenants to be presented on one of the most significant traffic artery of Bratislava. Ellipse-shaped building offers the modern technology for the façade building and creates a dynamic spatial arrangement. It offers 360° panorama views on six ground floors and 2,800 square metres of spaces.

Central 3

Inspiring and flexible environment

The flagship, which unifies the architecture of Eurovea, is the Central 3 building. It is deservedly located on Pribinova Street. The dominant impression is intensified by two-level space of the reception with access right from Pribinova Street. The Central 3 building offers more than 14,500 square metres of the office spaces on six ground floors. The tenants have the outlook to the Bratislava Castle, Danube, and the city.